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Free Reverse Image Search Tool

Reverse image search tool need no introduction. Every one knows about it as in 2001 Google launched Google images and till now billions of user are getting their required results from it. It is a widely and commonly used by a internet user for various purposes. And now an Image is not an image we can find our desired image with the help of image also rather than keywords. “Reverse Image Search” is a tool which provide us this facility. Regarding Reverse image search lets begin with an introduction.

What is Reverse Image Search?

Simple definition that you can use image instead of keyword for a search.

When we use image instead of keyword in rewards we get multiple benefits in form of different information like individuals,objects or places in it. Even we can use image URL instead of uploading image.

(CBIR) is a technical term used for Content-based Image Retrieval, Also known as Query by Image content where Image is considered for Search rather than a keyword and image content while before that we are using the metadata information which contains image details like camera used for it, use of flash etc. CBIR Technique use several image aspects to perform image search like texture, shape and color.

This is a very cool feature to search by image by the use of “Reverese Image Search” By it anyone can search similar images simply by uploading an image from ‘browse’ button. Or simply put the image URL. Google, Bing, Yandex and other search engines with the help of advance procedures matched the image with numerous of other photos or images in their respective database before returning matching and providing you with similar results. Search engine like Google sometime also consider the description and mats-data.

In Which areas Reverse Image Search Tool will help you:

Reverse Image Search is a simple and very effective tool which can help you in different field of life and in different situations. For Example.

To Find Fake Social Media Accounts:

With the help of this amazing handy tool you can Find fake social media accounts. When you will run your required his/her particular image on “Reverse Image Search” You will get the results and you can easily find that account which you are looking for.

 Too Find Plagiarism:

Reverse Image Search can be used in professionalism as well like if you are professional photographer and want to save your work from stealing someone. You can check that if someone is using your photos without your permission. This tool provides you great opportunities to find out about people  you might be using your photos illegally for commercial or non-commercial  reasons without properly sharing credits. Just use our Reverse Image Search and can know about the similar images from other sources.

To Recognize People, Place and Products:

It is so simple as it sounds, Using reverse image search you can identify the images of people, places or products which are famous but you don’t know about them. For identification of a particular place or to know about some non-popular products you can use this tool easily to get your required result.

There are also many more applications of reverse image search but here we describe a little. Now use our Reverse Image Search tool and give us your feed back. Use it your own way and explore the new ways of use this handy and smart tool.