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By using our MD5 Generator it is very safe and secure to send a massage or transfer a file.

About MD5 Generator

We are using latest technology of well known “message-digest” cryptographic hash function algorithm. By using a one way hashing procedure a series of digits generated by it.

For identification, changes and alteration in any part of original message this cryptographic hash function algorithm MD5 Genrator is very helpful.

Its produce a fixed-length hash value from a random-sized data.

What is the use of MD5?

MD5 simply calculate a has value in cryptography where as the hash function convert the blocks of data into fixed-size bit string or hash value.

Now for defining the difference between message and message digest the simple definition is data with hash functions is called “message”; while the calculated hash value is known as “message digest”.

Anyone can use MD5 for multiple purposes like digital signatures, message verification codes, indexing data in hash tables, checking copied data and for sorting and identification of files. Where as we also can find unintentional data corruption by acting as checksums.

If the has is intact and unaltered someone can easily check by comparing a hash of the data source with the newly generated has on the destination file which mainly ensure the integrity of files. Because hash algorithm of MD5 produce the same results for the same set of data. As we can say that it is act like forensic MD5 hash is a fingerprint of the given input. So no one can recover the original string generated by MD5 hash.

Simple way of using our MD5 Hash Generator?

It is very simple to use our MD5 Hash Generator just add the string in the box and the magic starts MD5 converter will produce MD5 hash. Which can be used in multiple ways like you can send MD5 hash to your recipient, string can be verified if the result would be same and even cracking can be diagnosed by it. In our MD5 converter we are using a uniquely designed cryptographic hashing algorithm for the MD5 hash with 32-hexadecimal character arrangement.

By using our MD5 hash generator you can generate the MD5 hash of any string and also it is very helpful in encoding passwords, and other sensitive data which matters to you like credit card data, data into MySQL database. It is very much professional tool which is completely free for different programmers like PHP programmers, ASP programmers and for the user of MySQL, SQL or Postgress database.

What is the normal size of an MD5 hash value?

The normal size of an MD5 has value is 128-bit (16 bytes) hash value, and it is characterized by a hexadecimal number of 32 digits.

Am I allowed to decrypt MD5?

Don’t try to decrypt MD5 its only for the calculation of the hash value for chosen set of data. There is no encryption algorithm in MD5 generator.

Is there a way to reverse MD5?

It is a one-way process so it cannot be reversed. MD5 generator has no reverse function it only can digests the data or massage and then generate hash values.

Why is MD5 NOT reversible?

We can explain by a simple example: There is a data of 750000 characters, and from MD5 generator we will get about 32 digit digest and when we ant to reverse it. It is not possible for the system to determine the accuracy at which 750000 characters were used from only 32 digits thats why the we cannot revers the MD5 hash.

Is there a possibility for collisions?

To be able to get a collision MD5, you must hash about 6 billion files per second for a duration of 100 years. If you want to know more about this, read the Birthday on Paradox.

What are Rainbow Tables all about?

By using brute force to search a value MD5 generator calculate the same hash value for a given data or message. Reverse-hash lookup tables are known as rainbow tables. For example, one could start calculating the digest of the eight characters (alpha-numeric combinations) and the person can look at a password table to know which password matches to which digest.

Is MD5 function really secure?

It will depend on circumstances that how and where you use this MD5 because it was recognized to be non-collision resistant.

we can get the desired length string and encoding it into a 128-bit fingerprint by using MD5 hash. Where as the same strung using the MD5 generator will always produce the same result. For making and saving the credit card numbers, passwords or any other data which matter to you in databases like MySQL this could be the fast and easy way to encode an MD5 hash from a basic string of up to 256 characters in length.

For a basic checksum algorithm or distinctive control on database table it a best choice.

Its is really good for storage space shortage as it has only 32 digits! and generate hash in a snap. Don’t use for password digests or other critical security systems