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As concern for SEOs professionals and web masters it is a hard task to find the right combination of words to use in their websites. Where search engines examine the different things like the Description, Title and H1 in websites and their relevancy and informative proportion for giving its ranking. As a good ranking on search engine means good traffic and site is more visible for e-commerce means good sales. So for SEOs and web masters its tough job to secure a top position on search engine for their websites.

Importance of keyword is the main key for SEOs work and Google Analytics is the famous example of it same as Adwords list keywords depending on the topic keywords have to be used carefully in website.

There is a typical word used stuffing mean the density of keywords is overused and it will impose a negative impact on the website in search engine ranking.

There is no fixed percentage or formula for number of keywords should be used in webpage but SEOs and content writers should be careful in using keywords.

For getting the relevant domain name or to write a suitable title for website, or for heading in the content of the website right combinations of words is very important and it is not an easy job.

Normally search engine crawlers examine short description and it is an important components in ranking of website. For example if your website is  fashion website in USA and it has fashion fashion fabric inauguration in title description. Search engine will treat it as another fashion news and it would not rank well as fabric inauguration.

But if fabric inauguration are mentioned in the title description, the website will rank well in its particular section. And when the visitor will search the fabric inauguration the search engine will show the website and it will rank high in that category. That why the uses of write words in a website is very much important either it is long tail keyword have been compiled from the popular words that user type in when looking for specific websites or short tail keywords.

For SEOs specialist it very tough to find the best keywords because all the SEOs efforts will go in vain if he/she chose wrong keyword. So good SEOs paid a lot of time on it. This is most important phenomenon for your visitor which will get traffic on your website. As the selection of right keyword will brought traffic on your site on the other hand wrong keyword selection means no traffic, no sales and no income.

So there is need to explore all avenues for keyword research and use tools to find the right combination of them to use in your blog, web page or website. Get the words from different sources and merge them together. Lets check with our old example if the three keywords fashion-fabric and inauguration are combined with the formula 1 fashion,usa,fabric,inauguration and fabric inauguration using these keyword phrases will positively impact the website and post ranking on search engines.

Also you should always check your competitors what type of combination they are using it will give you vision to form your own keyword combination to use. Also use the link building in your content and on other credible websites which will rank your website well on search engines.

Merge words

After searching your competitors you have listed all the keywords which you want to use in your website. Now its time to combine them and for this you need a tool which will make all possible combinations for you and gives you option to select of your own choice.

For this you should go to and click the ‘merge words’. There is another way to find you can copy/paste in your search browser and go directly to the tool.

Its very simple to use there are three text boxes in which you enter the words to combine for a good trial select the words from adwords, domain, and link building. Enter the words in the three text boxes and click on merge the tool will display the number of combinations it has made the words from the there text boxes.

Merge Words Online Tool is a very handy tool and SEOs should use it. Whenever you want combine more than one website into on website. Also it 100% free tool and very easy to use.So go right ahead and use it get the combined words will assist  you in the using better and more catchy words in your website content.