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About Image to Text Converter

Image to Text Converter in an online tool and superb software which provide you a hint about the image to word. By using a world recognized technique called OCR this program makes it possible to extract text from the images. Whereas for OCR software it brings an image to word online translates where electronically designed characters translated from image into text.

In Image to Text Converter anyone can use an image for converting it into word either online or offline and get any text they want. It is easy to use rather than going through all the trouble of typing.

Its a pretty online easy to use service which enables anyone to upload any image file easily, and analyze the text in it and also can convert the typed printed or handwritten text in the image into the text. which is so easy to edit on any computer.

How Optical Character Recognition

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a significant technology which provides someone to recognize and scrutinize an image and text within the image which may be written,typed or printed.

Which anyone can easily later be translated and used in any word processor without any hassle and also can be used in publishing software.

Optical Character Recognition or OCR automatically covert an image into machine-encoded text by two ways electronically or mechanical conversion. Its very helpful tool Google OCR which provides the easiest way where scanned documents, apposite for some situations wherein anyone required to copy from an image and typing is not what they want.

OCR is an amazing tool, software and the thing which make it wonderful is error free results which translates each character within an image or scanned documents into an electronically assigned character.

On the other hand its a complex process matching an image to electronic version that corresponds to it. It significantly identify the font used in image for recreating the document.

As you know that some documents are available on internet blurred and have low quality where the characters are unrecognizable and low quality in that conditions it is too much difficult for OCR software to provide accurate results.

So that OCR is not completely error free software and professionals are continuously working to make meaningful and error free for every one.

There are a large no of available tools for image to text converters on internet but FreeSmallSeoTools Image to Text Converter by using OCR advanced techniques providing a result accuracy to its users for translate or convert any text within an image.

Free Image to Text Converter by FreeSmallSEOTools

It is difficult for someone to find a quality Image to Text Converter tool which is good in result the professional team of experts from FreeSmallSeoTools brought a free image to text converter tool which is 100% free by using most advanced technology of OCR software. It is as good as Google OCR. And also it is so simple in use where you have just upload the image from any source for extracting the image just click on the submit button and within few seconds results will be in front of you. You can add image in two different ways which are mentioned below.

•Give the image path by entering the URL of the image

•Alternatively, you can directly upload the image

Our 100%free image to text converter online will instantly analyze the text in the uploaded image, converting it into an easily editable text for your use.

If you want to Save Time & Effort

Use Image to Text Converter:

By using our Image to Text Converter tool online you can convert static images into digital text. It can be used by an organization or individually at the same time to save the Time & effort. OCR based software makes it easier for you to extract from any image what you are looking for. OCR software makes our life easy.