Change Text Case


About Change Text Case:

For web applications a very smart tool for Change Text Case. Which provides multiple option for changing text case of any given text. Regarding sentence case, Upper Case, Lower Case, Alternating Case and Captalized Case. Selected and highlighted manually by user. It works amazingly by incorporating in the text.

How Change Text Case Helps You In:

As automation in every field of life is going on and brings easiness in our daily routine life. And Change Text Case tool brings this functionality for you by adjusting and preserving the text. It gives you different options how you want to change the text either in uppercase or lowercase in word or you can also change the case in excel. The Microsoft word user are much more familiar with the uppercase and lowercase phenomenon. All the words typed in Microsoft word automatically corrected or highlighted and gives indication weather they are correct or incorrect.

Our tool provides you same facility for changing text case. Change Text Case gives you best substitute of MS Word.

How To Use Our Change Text Tool?

Change To Text tool uses is very simple just copy and past the text in text box which you want correction. Now you can select the type of change in which you want your text case from given option. Now click the button and magic begins. Automatically the given text in box corrected and replaced with the new text. Now it is ready for use you can copy and paste changed text in any document which you want. This is completely free tool for use a great effort by our professional team of experts on the platform of FreeSmallSeoTools.