Important Content Writing Tools

If you have written an article then you should know about  important content writing tools. You need to know so many details in order to create a new content. The main purpose of writing a content is attracting readers, provide information and turn your site visitors into customers. If the content on your site is unique and have informative data in it then visitor wants to read your content and maybe he becomes your permanent visitor. Every content writer knows the feelings when several hours have passed and the post is not showing ranking position. By using some tools and resources you can improve the content writing process. Here we can show you Important Content Writing Tools. You can get informative data from this content.

Google Keyword Planner:

Google Keyword Planner is a content writing tool which helps you to select unique and informative keywords to use in your content. Choosing high volume keywords that are not competitive will form the backbone of solid SEO strategy.


This tool can scan your content quickly that there is not any duplication content in content. If you want to rank your post then your content will be unique and free of plagiarism. You can use this tool to find single sentences or phrasing of duplicate content. If your site contains that content which is already available on internet then search engine will penalize your site. You should always choose to write unique one.

Important Content Writing Tools

Important Content Writing Tools

Blog Topic Generator:

Always select that title which is eye catching and use keywords naturally. You can use this plan for a series of blog posts. If the title that you are using in your content is attractive and unique then Google can surely rank your post and visitors visits your site.

Google Search Console:

Google Search Console gives you access to know about the performance of your website in Google ranking. You can also learn from this tool which pages are giving the best performance. You can know the whole content strategy by using this tool.

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