5 Tools To Check Domain Age          

When you are starting your business the most important thing to keep in mind is domain age. Domain age defines the age of the domain. This will helps you to establish credibility among the users and search engines. There are many factors which affect the domain age includes the time fir which the website is registered and the age of the website. Domain age helps the search engine distinguish between pop up sites which are only active for a day or two and websites which are genuine. Here you can find informative data about 5 Tools To Check Domain Age.

5 Tools To Check Domain Age

Search Engine Genie

If you want to check the domain of multiple sites then this tool is helpful for you. It would give your domain age and other related information for up to 10 domains at once.

Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools is one of the 5 Tools To Check Domain Age. this tool works more like alexa ranks. You just need to enter your url and bam. All the information is displayed in no time. This tool is reliable and friendly to use. Also if you search domain age tools in Google. It’s one of the top results.

Website SEO Checker

This tool is free for use and is one of the top results in Google like small SEO tools if you want to need Alexa rank, Bulk Dmoz listing, domain age checker, page authority then you can go for this tool. if you want to know about domain age checker then you can find informative data from this topic

Free Small SEO Tools

It is one of the best tools for domain age check. There are many other features in this tool like plagiarism checker, article rewriter, spell checker, word count checker, grammar checker, change text change, image to text convertor. Here you can find informative data about 5 Tools To Check Domain Age. Just enter the domains into the domain age checker and you’ll be able to check up to 500 domains to see their age.


If you want to check your domain age and compare it with two of your competitors you just need to enter their urls and enter the captcha and submit. You are also given the option of integrating this tool to your website. Here you can find information about 5 Tools To Check Domain Age. 

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